Explore the city with me and learn about energy!

Dear children,

Planet defenders are interactive game that takes you through the road from school to house to show you where you can find energy and how can you help the environment around you. Let’s learn together about the world around us!

City map

On the map of the city you can choose any point as the starting point of your adventure. Each point represents one topic and has a set of questions to help you practice what you learned.
If your answer is incorrect, we will forward you towards Green Encyclopaedia to get better prepared or net time!

Green Encyclopaedia

This is a knowledge base to help you learn together about energy and how to be more concious about your behaviour towards nature. Apart from that, Green encylopaedia is starting point for you to prepare for quiz.

Time to test your knowledge,

When you pass through all the questions, it is time to test what you have learned. Move forward by giving as many correct answers as possible, but be aware - some questions have more than one correct answer, so carefully read the text. Multiple correct answer questions are marked with a white badge.